What can I do to prevent Throat (Larynx) disease?

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Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

- Maintain adequate habits to rest and sleep.
- Maintain a healthy diet
- Exercise regularly
- Practice techniques to manage stress properly.
- Stay well hydrated:
- Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water not including coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, alcohol or
energy / hydrating drinks.
- Drink sips of water when giving presentations or speaking for
long time.
- Avoid drinking / ingesting dairy as they thicken mucus or saliva.
make you clear your throat constantly and hurt your throat.

Avoid misuse of voice:

- Do not smoke as it is a great irritant to the throat and voice. In addition,
avoid prolonged exposure to smoke, pollution, dust, and irritants.
- Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. For every drink of alcohol take one
glass of water.
- Avoid clearing your throat or coughing constantly as this irritates and hurts the
throat. Instead, salivate or have a drink of water.
- Avoid talking in a loud environment or music for a long time.
- Avoid talking loudly, yelling or whispering for a long time.
- Use a loudspeaker or microphone when speaking in front of a large number of
- Rest your voice regularly. For example, if you are a teacher, avoid talking
excessively between classes or if you are a singer or actor, avoid socializing between
- Avoid singing outside of your voice range (whether it is too high or too low)

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